Finding Great Movies to Watch


I don’t think I’ve mentioned movies in the 300 or so posts up here so far. I don’t torrent movies and streaming isn’t always an option as my internet connection is often too slow at peak times so I’ve found some ways to get great movies for little or no cost without a monthly subscription.

First, if streaming is an option for you, there are a number of sites where you can find full length movies for free. Try Free FilmsViooz, or even try typing  your movie name full length (fill in your movie name) into YouTube. If you use Reddit, there are good subreddits listing full length movies you can stream on Viooz and YouTube.

If streaming movies is a problem for you,  and if you’ve still got an old DVD player hiding away under your TV, there’s another option to pick up DVDs cheaply and give to charity at the same time, at least there is here in the UK.  Charity shops are everywhere here selling donated clothes, books, old CDs and DVDs. If you’ve got the time to go round them, you’ll probably find some great movies on their shelves. Perhaps they’ve been donated because their owners have moved on to streaming or torrenting and don’t need their old DVDs any more. And of course, the money you pay to purchase the DVDs goes to charity. Once you watch the DVD and if it’s not a ‘keeper’, you can always donate it back to your charity shop of choice, so they benefit again.

Not sure if a movie is worth buying? Well, to get round this, I’ve saved a list of Oscar winning movies and IMDb’s top 250 movies as notes in an offline notebook in Evernote on my smartphone so I can spot these movies if I come across them. You can also make up your own list of great movies by searching Google for list of year movies (fill in your year of choice). At the top of the search results, you’ll see a scrolling bar of the movies most frequently mentioned on the web for that year:

movies 2013

You can change the year or select a particular genre at the top right.

Hope that’s given you some ideas for picking up great movies at little or no cost.

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