My Choice of Scanner for Going Paperless

ScanSnap S1300i

I blogged recently about my plans to go paperless. I have always had a flatbed scanner for scanning single sheets but I decided to buy a duplex (i.e. scans both sides of sheets) multisheet scanner for going paperless. There’s a great variety of scanners available from small portable models like the Doxie Go through to models like the dedicated Evernote ScanSnap. The Doxie models weren’t quite what I wanted and the Evernote ScanSnap model was too much for me both in terms of price and capability. In the end, I settled for a Fujitsu ScanSnap 1300i. Michael Hyatt has posted a very nice review of using the ScanSnap 1300i to scan directly to Evernote so there isn’t much point in me duplicating his work here. Go to his post to see how he uses it with Evernote.

I’m very pleased with the ScanSnap 1300i scanner so far. Very straightforward to set up and use. I like its weight – heavy enough that it doesn’t slide around as you add paper to the feeder for scanning, yet light enough to be reasonably portable. I have it sitting on top of my multifunction printer most of the time and just lift it off when I need to use that instead.

To finish, I’ll point you in the direction of DocumentSnap, a great blog for lots more information on going paperless, scanners and scanning.

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