Jun 25
How to cook perfect rice
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I’ve always had a problem cooking rice the way I want it. Always turned out sticky, mushy and in clumps. I prefer it light, moist and fluffy and with the grains separate. Right I thought, the internet will surely solve my problem. Sure enough, trusty Google identified a number of sites explaining how to cook rice and all giving much the same kind of advice which can be summarized as:

First choose a quality long grain rice, for example, Basmati. Then wash the rice in cool water in a bowl. Swish your hand round until the water becomes cloudy, drain off the water and repeat two or three times until the water becomes clearer. Cover the rice with cold water and let it soak for about half an hour, then drain. Then boil twice the quantity of water to your quantity of rice, add the rice, bring back to the boil, cover tightly and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from the heat and let stand for a further 10 minutes with the lid still on.

Effectively you are steaming the rice in this process. This worked great for me the first time but was a bit inconsistent after that. I couldn’t rely on it for perfect rice.

Enter the electric steamer. Initially, we bought this to steam vegetables, but the instruction book said it would do rice as well. Right, I’ll give it a go.

The first steps of washing, and soaking the rice were the same. But then I added the rice (we find that 1/2 to 3/4 of a mug of rice is enough for 2 portions) to the steaming basket along with just about enough lightly salted boiling water to not quite cover the rice. Then add enough boiling water to the steamer to steam for about 30 minutes. (Time saving tip: If you don’t have the time to soak the rice beforehand, you can actually just part-boil the rice in salted boiling water before transferring to the steamer.) That’s it. When the time is up, check the rice is cooked by tasting a spoonful, fluff the rice with a fork and you have a fantastic basket of light, fluffy rice which goes beautifully with a curry or is great when cold as part of a salad.

Perfect rice

How do you cook your rice?

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