May 12


I have a PC with an older motherboard and I’m not able to set the BIOS to boot from a USB drive or USB stick, just from a CD or DVD. I may be able to do this if I update the BIOS but I don’t want to take any chances, so I was delighted to read a post last week by Trevor at How-To Geek offering a solution on how to boot from a USB drive using PLoP. I’ve tried it out and it works perfectly.

I followed the instructions in that post, downloaded, extracted it to a folder, found plpbtnoemul.iso in that folder and burned that to a CD using ImgBurn. I plugged in my USB stick with Ubuntu and then booted up from the CD I’d just made. I was presented with a menu where I could select USB and sure enough I booted into Ubuntu on the USB drive. An internet connection was available after I entered my WAP password.

So if my system runs into problems, I now have the additional option of being able to boot up from my USB drive. This has the advantage of being easier to update with rescue utilities than a CD should I run into a PC disaster.

The original post on How-To Geek is really comprehensive and goes through all the steps involved in setting up the CD, and even a boot floppy disk for those older systems. If you can’t boot up from your USB drive, have a look at that post.

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