Oct 4

Canon MP280

I wrote about the gradual demise of the office printer  a while ago. I rarely print anything on paper these days but I do occasionally need a copier/printer facility, so a year ago, after a history of six or seven Epson printers starting with a dot matrix machine back in 1988 and ending with blocked inkjet nozzles on my final Epson D88, I decided to finally change brands and try Canon. Both my kids have Canon printers (MP190 and MP272) and they’ve never given any trouble. Cartridges are expensive but hey, what’s new! About a year ago, I went for a cheap Canon MP280 multifunction inkjet and I couldn’t be happier. It does copying, occasional printing, scanning, and scanning directly to Evernote without any problems. No printer jams since I got it and importantly, the cartridges don’t seem to be as prone to clogging with just occasional use – unlike the last Epson I had.

Lifehacker blogged recently on better inkjet printing  which you may also want to have a look at. They recommended getting a laser printer instead of an inkjet, or if you stick with your inkjet, print test pages regularly to avoid clogged nozzles, use the manufacturer’s ink cartridges not third party ones, and use good quality paper.

Coming back to Canon, I’ve also had a Canon PowerShot A570 IS digital camera for about 4 years now – again no problems. I like Canon. And I’m not sponsored by them, or anyone, to write reviews.

Which brands do you like or do you have no particular preferences? Have you have good experiences or bad ones with any particular brands or do you feel brand isn’t important in terms of quality and reliability? Drop a comment below.

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