Jun 27

Mountain View bag

As you get older, seems you need to carry around more and more stuff – glasses, tissues… I don’t like shoving everything into my pockets so I got an Outdoor Gear bag a couple of years ago and find it’s pretty useful for carrying around stuff I might need. It’s light and not too bulky and I can just grab it on my way out of the house without having to hunt around and probably forget something.

So what’s in my bag? Well here’s a list of the things I find useful to take with me:

Canon digital camera – I hated having to remember to take my camera and now I know I’ll always have it. Yes, I know there’s one on my phone but unfortunately it broke.

Two spare charged AA batteries – always handy for the camera or some gadget.

Glasses – I only need specs for reading, so I carry a pair of cheap (2x) magnifying glasses in my bag. I also carry a thin, credit card sized magnifier in my wallet.

Some Duct tape wound round an old plastic card – surprising how often this comes in handy.


Pen and notepad – although I can also make notes on my phone, it’s always handy to have a pen.

Earbuds – a spare set

Pack of tissues

Fold-up plastic fork – in case I have to eat out!

Coins – always useful to have some emergency spare change, for example, for parking meters and shopping trolleys.


4GB USB drive with my portable apps

Elastoplasts, Band-Aids, Dressings, whatever you call them

Swiss Army penknife, and tweezers in the side pockets.


So if you carry a bag, what do you find useful to have with you?  Oh, and if you want more ideas, have a look at Everyday Carry.

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