Mar 17

Recipe books I have about 40 cookbooks mostly picked up from charity/thrift shops. That’s fine but it can be difficult to find a recipe starting from a shelf of books and it’s often just a case of picking one book, and thumbing through it till you find something you fancy. Or you could just go online and search recipe blogs till you find what you want, then save it to say Evernote. But I like thumbing through cookbooks and it’s a shame not to make full use of a great resource I have. Well, I’ve discovered there’s another way – Eat Your Books, a site where you can sign up and add your indexed recipe books then search them for recipes. You won’t find the full recipes online but that’s the whole point – you have to refer back to your own recipe books. If you have only 5 cookbooks, great, you can add all five for free if they’ve been indexed by Eat Your Books. Check the Library tab and select Books, then search for each of your recipe books in turn. At the present time, they seem to have indexed around 5500 cookery books so yours may well be there, particularly if your cookbooks are by well known or celebrity chefs. Of my 40 cookbooks, I found that 20 had been indexed with over 3000 searchable recipes in those books. I’ve decided to try a year’s membership at $25 (currently about £17) or the price of a couple of new cookbooks as I felt it was worth it to get more from all the recipe books I have on my shelves. One thing I like is that I can actually search my cookbooks for recipes with particular ingredients. You can find the different benefits of non membership, free membership and premium membership here. You can also add indexed food blogs and cooking magazines, and it’s also possible to add recipes as you surf the net. There’s a bookmarklet available to help you add recipes, however, I did find it impossible to add recipes from recipe aggregator sites. So now if I feel the need to pick up additional recipe books in charity shops, I’ll check first to see if the books have been indexed by Eat Your Books. Unfortunately, there aren’t Android or iOS apps available for Eat Your Books as yet but hopefully they’ll come with time. So if you have a shelf full of recipe books gathering dust and you want to get more from them, give Eat Your Books a try.

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