May 30


I’ve struggled along with free satellite channels on my old tube TV for a few years now and it’s time for a change. There’s less and less that interests me on TV these days and the thought of streaming internet TV on my PC in my home office doesn’t thrill me… after spending the day working there already.

So it’s time to part with some hard earned cash and bring the web and streaming media to my couch and telly. I hope to have it all in place by the end of the summer. I’ve read a number of posts and bookmarked lots of pages and I’m looking to buy the following:

Flat screen TV

I can’t stream to my old CRT TV – it has an S-video connector and doesn’t have digital inputs like HDMI so I need a 32” (that’s big enough for me) flat screen that takes HDMI input.

Set-top box

I was originally thinking along the lines of a PS3 but more recently a positive assessment of Boxee software on a podcast by Knightwise got me interested in Boxee.  So perhaps I should go for a  Boxee Box to get internet and my media to the TV, but a recent reader recommendations post on Lifehacker on set-top boxes saw the Boxee Box way down in popularity behind a home theater PC, Roku, Apple TV, etc.


I should get a wireless N router to replace my G-router while I’m at it.


I’ll need a 1 TB NAS to store my downloaded movies and other media (and backup my data from my PC) and I’ll stream from this to my TV or set-top box.

Are you streaming media to your TV? I’d love to hear your recommendations on TVs, set-top boxes, routers and NAS. What’s your set-up? Would you do anything different if you started again? Has any piece of hardware been a nightmare to work with? What are your tips and things to watch out for? As I build the set-up I’ll post about it… but it’s your turn to have your say first.

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